We love making music.

Here at Precipice, we're passionate about providing high quality musical resources at affordable prices and in a practical way. We exist for the proverbial little guys - rich in talent, but lacking in traditional currency.

"It's who [we are], it's who [we are]"

Here at Precipice Music, we're passionate about providing high quality musical services for less. Good music shouldn't have to be super expensive, and budget music shouldn't sound like garbage. We're standing in the gap to create music for starving artists!

Arrangement and Composition

We provide custom services for anything from choir anthems and instrumental arrangements to original music for films and games.

Production and Recording

We offer remote session musicianship, audio mixing services, and full music production and arrangement services for projects.


We create dynamic and modern album art, full artist website and branding services, and music video production.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We'd love to work with you to provide any musical needs that you may have! Fill out our quick and easy form to get feedback and quote information from our team.